A Tribute to THECLEFT Lead Staff

To Lead Staff comprised of individuals committed to our core values and invested selflessly into work God is doing through His ministry called THECLEFT.

Nathan Chrisman
You can’t see us, but we are holding tears back. We love serving God with you, the entire lead team, volunteers and students. We are overwhelmed by your level of commitment to excellence. Your detail to make things perfect is annoying but we love it. Your commitment to Christ, your family, and THECLEFT is like nothing we have ever seen. We love you, Nate. This is our tribute to you!
TheCLEFT Lead Staff

Brandon Stewart
Thank you for the countless behind the scene hours you spend planning, communicating with our partners, leaders and students. Your commitment to be a servant with your determination to get the job done is refreshing. We always know when Brandon says he is going to do something it gets done, and gets done well. Your heart to help students is inspiring!

Sarah Garrison
Thank you for holding all the pieces together. Your God given detail-oriented personality ensures that nothing gets missed and that things happen! You think things through, make a plan, and follow it. Your attitude and ability to see the final outcome is a blessing. You are true servant and have made an impact on more lives than you will ever be able to count. You keep the “devil” out of the details so that everything works well!

Jake Garrison
Thank you keeping a to do list. We always know whatever makes your “list”, will be done well from start to finish. You save THECLEFT a lot of money by always finding the best deals, and finding the most efficient way to do things. Thank you for being willing to WHATEVER is needed and use your gifts from God to invest into students. Thank you for always thinking critically to advance what we do.

Mike Beegle
Dude! You keep everyone straight. Thank you for scheduling 40+ Leaders every month. Without you, the doors don’t open each week. I love your incredible computer skills! Your attitude and heart to do whatever you can whenever you can is a HUGE blessing. You do so many things that are often unnoticed., thank you!

Kami Beegle
Thank you for your heart for God and love for others. You communicate well with the students and have fun doing it! You offer valuable input and creative ideas. Thank you for your faith and dedication to Christ, which inspires us all.

Amanda Lanarski
You are awesome! Thank you for helping us communicate with our partners, contributors and leaders. You are always on the ball! You always have great input and reflect the love of Christ in everything you do. Thanks you for serving so much. You make a consistent effort to be involved, and be helpful. You are appreciated more than you know!

David Wolfenden
Thank you for taking THECLEFT Friday nights to the next level. You have things prepared, planned, and implement great Friday night events. You have been a great spokesperson for us at Cedarville University and have added countless students to our Leader Staff. Your energy and excitement for THECLEFT is contagious!

Curtis Lindsey
You have been incredibly gifted with creativity and to communicate with others. Your passion to defend the defenseless is clearly why God brought you to us all the way from Mississippi. You’re always asking how you can help and serve, and that makes you a good leader. The students love you, and everyone who gets to work with you does too. Thank you for your passion and excitement.

Last, and also MOST IMPORTANT, My Wife, Mindy Chrisman
You are incredible. Had God not put us together, there would be no CLEFT. Your strength, encouragement, and wisdom drives more of THECLEFT than most people will ever see. You are my encourager. You stand by my side! You offer me perspective. You fill in the gaps where I am lacking. I knew what it was like to do this alone at one point in life, and I thank God everyday that I’m not doing it alone anymore. You are the best gift God has ever given me, and THECLEFT.